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  • Joseki Dictionary - Online Joseki Dictionary
  • Go Problems - A database of various Go problems for all levels
  • Tsumego collections - Contains some nice go problem collections in PDF.
  • Go Base - A site you can use for studying Go and reviewing professional games
  • Audio Go Lessons - Pre-prepared lectures by Guo Juan's Go School (1 euro each)
  • Korean-style Insei League on KGS - started by Korean professionals
  • Go game Lessons - Baduk(Weiqi) lessons by A.Dinerchtein, 3-dan professional
  • Go4Go Database - Large collection of Go game records, daily updates, commentaries by A.Dinerchtein and Go forum
  • BadukMovies - Library of 10-minute videos, planned to be updated on a weekly basis. Each episode zooms in on different go topic: tesuji, joseki, fuseki, endgame, life & death, trick plays, special pro-players.
  • Download our kifu (game record) so you can review and study your games